The first weekend of 2013

Okay is it just me or is 2013 moving a bit quick already?

The fourth day in and the first weekend is on the event horizon. It’s going to be a busy one for me with football, writing, and early spring cleaning (on my). Most likely I’ll knock out the first two and procrastinate on that last one. 🙂

What’s on the agenda for you on this, the first weekend of 2013?

Whatever you have planned and do, I hope it’s a great one.

It Seems I forgot to Mention Something Yesterday….

Yesterday I forgot to mention when I’m starting my five-week writing project. Since January is already filled, I will start the five-week project in February.

I’m setting aside blocks of time for writing this year. I feel that a set schedule will help me stay on track to accomplish my goals and actually finish the book I’m working on as well as the various monthly writing projects.

Project talk aside….

Day two of the new year is looking promising. I have a new area set up for writing that I feel will make me more comfortable while writing. My new spot includes a window so I can see outside instead of just looking at a wall. It’s not a spectacular view but I can see trees so that’s a plus.

How is day two treating you? How are you treating yourself?

p.s. I’m going to write one thing everyday on my blog.

The first of January in the year 2013

HAPPY 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I’ve started to go through boxes of my son’s old school papers and I came across a bookmark from his English class.

One side lists five modes of writing and on the other side there is a list of what to do when you are writing,

So I thought it would be fun to do a five-week series about those items on the bookmark. One post per week stating what kind of writing I will do and another post that will have the finished piece.

It will definitely exercise my writer’s brain as I stay on subject and within the specific type of writing, I’m thinking that this is also a fun way to start the new year.


Here is a list of what is on the bookmark:

Side one – The Modes of Writing

1. Descriptive

2. Narrative

3. Imaginative

4. Expository

5. Persuasive

Side Two – When Writing Don’t Forget To

1. Prewrite

2. Rough Draft

3. Read Aloud

4. Revise

5. Edit

6. Publish and Share

Hope your start to 2013 is a positive one and that the year continues in that way,


p.s. Yes there are thirteen exclamation points in the beginning of this post. 🙂