Icefest 2013

The weekend zipped by way too fast for my liking but it was fun nonetheless.

We went to an annual event  – Icefest- in which ice sculptures are displayed on the main street in the downtown area. There are about 50 (or so ) sculptures lined up on the sidewalk. A good many of them were already starting the melting process by the time we arrived. Well it was 52 degrees on Saturday. Some of the sculptures were losing the details on the facial areas.

It was interesting to see the details that the artists were able to carve into the blocks of ice.   I took photos of just about all of them. Some just had too many people around them to get a clear shot.

Even though I didn’t get to the bookfest part of Icefest, it was fun and I plan on going again next year.

Here are a few of the photos.

Fine With a Touch of Goodly

Good Morning Monday! How are you today?

Me? I’m doing just fine with a touch of goodly.

Staying on schedule (so far) with everything and today is promising to keep the goodliness going.

I know it’s bit dreary in the Ohio valley area but It’s inspiring me to sit at the keyboard and bang out a few more revisions on the book. Normally dreary days make me want to snuggle up with a good book (or e-book) and read the day into oblivion. Today, however is different.

Maybe it’s a renewed sense of purpose with my writing, it could be the photos I’m editing, or maybe it’s that the house is quiet and the sound of my fingers tap-tapping on the keyboard is creating some kind of cosmic event in my writer’s brain that if I don’t let it loose on something creative it will create its own black hole and drag me into a parallel universe where everyone hangs on the edge of the next word to see I will write next…….

Did I mention that my writing side is on overdrive lately?  😉

Nahhhhh! It’s just me doing what I love to do – write.

Here’s to your Monday being most fine with a touch of goodly! (imagine me lifting my coffee mug in a toast to you)

Make your Monday magical or at the least fun. 🙂

My Brain Is On Overdrive

Here it is coming up on just the second weekend of January 2013 and my brain is already working on writing projects for next year.


Maybe I need to switch to decaf tea and stay away from the leftover holiday sweets. 🙂

I’ll just make a few notes about the upcoming projects and file them away until December of this year that way my writer’s brain will remain focused and clear for this year’s projects.

This weekend is set for fun. An open mic event then a birthday celebration with my sister on Saturday, then more football on Sunday. In-between everything I’m diving headfirst into chapter two and three rewrites.

I may remember to sleep too. 😉

What’s up for the weekend on your end?


Well the weekend came and went in sort of a blurred haze of laziness. I didn’t get the first chapter re-worked as I had hoped I would. I did read through it and make some notes, but I allowed myself to get sidetracked by the couch. It looked very inviting and I took advantage.  🙂

This week will see me getting chapter one re-done, new poetry written, and work on getting yard sale items ready. I know it’s still too cold for actually having a yard sale but I want to get everything ready for spring.

I love the Winter season (cold doesn’t bother me), but this year I find myself pining for Spring already. I’m dreaming of gardens and green leaves. lol.

I did make a sojourn to Barnes and Noble yesterday. I intended to buy a cup of coffee and a magazine. Well, I did get coffee but I bought four magazines and had to drag myself away from the bargain book shelves other wise I may have spent gas (or food) money on books. The items I did buy have already inspired me go full throttle on my book to get it done, completely done. I also have made notes on a few new stories that are already simmering on my writing back burner.

I never have a lack of ideas. I’m not complaining, merely observing. This year I really want to get things done. I’m all about the word done. I like it – done. Done.


I hope the week is being good to you and you are finding inspiration to keep the energy moving in a good forward direction.

p.s. Photos will soon appear here (tomorrow) from a brief park excursion the other morning.