Wasp Nest In Water Color

Wasp Nest photo from Autumn 2012. I used a photo editing program to make this look like a water color painting. I’m printing this one to show at an open mic/stage event in March. I just need to find the right paper first.

Wasp Nest at a park shelter.

Wasp Nest at a park shelter.

Little Black Spot On The Sun Today……

Happy Venus Transit Day!


Well if you haven’t heard – Venus is transiting the Sun today and most of the world will be able to see it happening.

Check out the list of links for more information:

1. Transit of Venus.org

2. National Geographic

3. Space.com

4. NASA   (I know this would make logical sense to list it first but I didn’t so deal with it  🙂 )

5. Dateline News.org

Google this and you will find a lot more than what I’ve listed here. But I know that you know that – you guys are smart like that.  🙂


And remember to use appropriate eye protection whilst staring at the glaring Sun today. Just a gentle reminder, even though again – I know that you know that. 😉


#11-2012 Resolution Update

I’ve taken a look at the list of resolutions (goals) that I set for myself for 2012 and I’m staying on track with those goals.

I’ve been writing more (everyday) and I’m happy with that fact. I haven’t yet submitted my writing to any magazines this year, but 2012 is still quite young so I have plenty of time for that goal. I also have to go through and edit what I’ve written to get it into submission shape.

As far as being happier with myself, laughing more and making moments memorable – I’m still working on those goals.

Has 2012 surprised you in any way yet? 

Have a great Wednesday. And remember to let your feet walk lightly even if life makes you feel heavy.