Wonderful Wednesday

I’v e been putting all of my poems into a poetry database. It’s taking longer than I thought, but I do have 30 years worth of poems to go through.

I found out that not all of my poetry is in typed form. There are quite a few handwritten originals that I am deciphering.


Here is a poem for your Wednesday.

Your Soul Wakes Up
July 15, 1999

Enter here in silence
enter here in peace,
take in the emptiness
into your sweet soul.

Sing this song until
all the world stops,
sing these words until
all your dreams wake up.

Enter here and see this light
feel your way around
be not afraid of this place
be not afraid of my night.

Sing your song until your
heart finally beats,
Hear these words until
your soul wakes up.

-Joelle M. Wilson

p.s. Please enjoy reading responsibly by reading often. 🙂