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Attention Wednesday…

Good Afternoon!

Wednesday, middle of the week, the look back and look forward day.

These are the things I think of when I think of Wednesday. I also think of how it isn’t spelled the way that it sounds. Which seems to be true of most of the english language.

Okay brain do not digress please.

Have to keep it on track.


The look back and look forward day.

I set aside time on Wednesdays to review my goals for the week that I have accomplished and those that are still in front of me.

I started this in December actually and it felt right for me so I am sticking with it.

Goals have always been a challenge for me to keep. It was because I normally set too many large goals, set them for the year, and then felt so overwhelmed by that the task of completing them that — I just didn’t do them.

(Stay with me here I know I posted about goals already this month)

So I thought about it for a while and came up with the idea of just doing monthly goals. That also didn’t feel quite right for me. Again I became overwhelmed in trying to accomplish the goals I set for myself.

I once again sat back and thought about it for a while.

Then it struck me….weekly goals.

One week. Seven days.

Seemed plausible, doable, probable, and even possible.

I tried it and at first it felt odd. Only looking a the week ahead. When I accomplished my first set of weekly goals I felt good about it. So I did it again. It worked for a second week so I figured I go for a third and it stuck.

Weekly goals. It is doable for me. Easier for me to wrap my brain around the week rather than the year or month.


I feel very good about this weekly goal setting thing. So I wanted to, needed to post about it again. I like sharing the things that work for me. One of my goals for this week is to share with you the weekly pages that I print out and write in my weekly goals.

I searched for a few days to find the right ones, the most comfortable ones for me. I indeed found them. I had as much fun searching for the weekly planner pages as I have using them.

Yes. I have fun setting goals now because I relaxed and found my goal flow. It’s weekly. It’s fun. It’s me.


If you would like to see the site that I found my very cool weekly pages click here and it will take you to The Scattered Squirrel website. They are free printables. Yes Free. I use the weekly to-do sheets. There are other ones on the page to look at so take your time and see which one you resonate with then print it out and get your goal on.



Throwing Out Thursday

Good Morning Thursday!

No, I’m not actually throwing Thursday out. I am however, going through the remaining boxes that are stored in my basement and getting rid of more stuff that I no longer want or need.

I’m thinking of it as early Spring cleaning. I’ve moved several times in the past six years and every time I have moved I donated and threw out items I no longer used or that were no longer usable.

This time I am not waiting to move before I pare down.

The big impetus for the cleaning has come from watching Tiny House Nation.

Really? You ask..

Yes really.

I imagine what it would be like to live in a tiny house and I picture it filled with all of my stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff…….

Ugh..it’s stuff.

Just things taking up space, valuable basement space.

So I’m imaging what it would be like to live in a tiny house without all of the extraneous stuff that I’ve accumulated over the past three decades.

I’m prepared to be brutal in a way in getting rid of things. I’m buying ten plastic tubs and allowing myself only that amount of space to store things in. What doesn’t fit will become donations if usable and garbage if not usable.

This feels good because I’ve realized lately that I’ve become attached to the stuff and I’m feeling suffocated by all of it. I get overwhelmed thinking about moving into a new house with all of this stuff. STUFF!!

In the process of being brutal I’m also being kind to myself and if I’m not really ready to release anything then I won’t. Because I’m not into depriving myself.

It all comes down to no longer wanting to feel controlled by stuff. Things that no longer serve a useful purpose in my life.

It’s time to let go. Time to move forward in a positive way.

It’s a goal of mine for this week is to start the letting go of stuff.

Have a great positive day!

Are You Still In 2015?

Good Morning!

Still in 2015 are you?

I’m not referring to actually, physically being in the past (that would mean you have a time machine and if so get in touch with me I’d like to revisit a few places in the past), I’m referring to the mind having trouble with the fact that a new year has started.

I’m still writing 2015 on everything even though I’m fully aware that it is 2016.

It’s as if I don’t want another year to have passed, or something akin to that idea.

In reality I know it’s because I’m so used to writing 2015 that it has become a habit. An automatic habit.

So that has me thinking about habits and how they control our lives. Everything we do on a daily basis without really thinking about it, is a habit.

Some are good habits, some are not so good, and some habits are absolutely terrible for our well being on every level.

What do we do about it? Especially the bad for us habits.

In my opinion…

We change them and therefore we change ourselves, for the better.

Even small changes can have a big impact on our physical selves and our mental selves.

So then why not change the bad habits, right here, right now?

Honestly – Change is a scary thing.

Even small changes can be frightening.

It’s different. Goes against the ingrained response to our lives. It goes against the programming of habits.

After all habits are only a programmed way of responding to our environment.

Not all of these programmed responses are bad. Some of them are quite good and save us from harm and damage everyday.

For example:

When driving a vehicle and we come up to a red traffic light – we stop. Because we’ve been taught that we have to for safety reasons. Same goes for stop signs. This is a good habit.

We know not to touch fire, boiling water, not to grab knives by the blade, not to walk out into traffic, etc…

We don’t really think about these things, we just do them, an automatic response happens in the above situations.

Examples of good habits:

Waving at someone when they wave at us, smiling when smiled at, saying hello in social situations. Good programming for sure.

When we are hungry we eat, when thirsty we drink,  when tired we sleep and so on. Those are also a programmed response to the situation we are in at that moment.

These are all basic examples of course. Us being the humans that we are will naturally go against the programming from time to time if needed or merely to rebel against it.

So if we can naturally go against the programming from time to time then why can’t we change the programming from time to time as well?

Because change can be a scary thing and when something is scary I believe it is instinctual for us to avoid it out of self preservation.

So then how do we change?

Good question really. There is no one set answer for everyone because we are all individuals.

However, I believe that everyone can change if they are willing to embark on that journey. First step on that journey is to change for ourselves. That way we can fully embrace the journey that leads to a positive change in our lives.

What would you like to change?

Get out a piece of paper and write down your thoughts about the question. Then flip the paper over and write some thoughts about the steps you feel you will to take in order to accomplish that change.

This can be a small change or a big change, it’s up to you because this is for you. It’s okay to focus on your needs here.

You can count this as a first page in a change journal (if you are inclined to keep one) and your first step on the journey towards change.

Even though you are making a change for yourself, you don’t have to take the journey alone. If you’d like you can share your journey with someone or a group, even here if you want to. If you do, make sure that the person or group is going to be supportive of your journey.

I’d love to here from you. What would you like to change? Leave a comment about it, share a thought, drop a note.

Me, you ask?

I’m changing the way that I set goals. I briefly talked about it in the post yesterday and  I’m going to share that journey with you here in a weekly post about it. It’s a small change for sure but it will have a big impact on my life.

Change – It doesn’t have to scary.


P.S. I really would like to know any comment or thoughts about today’s post.

P.P.S. Have A Wonderful Day!





Happy 2016!!!

It’s the first week of 2016 and I’m starting off with good energy.

I have a good goal plan in place and I’m feeling positive that I can accomplish my goals.

The plan is to have weekly goals instead of yearly or even monthly.

Weekly feels – doable.

Weekly feels – happy.

Weekly cuts out the anxiety I feel when trying to set goals for the year and month.

Weekly feels good because if something happens that causes a disruption in the plan I can easily and happily rework the goal for the week. It won’t disrupt the whole month.


It leaves room for spontaneous happenings of goodliness.

2016 I welcome you.

Hope your 2016 is starting out in a good direction.

Today is the best day to……….

Good Morning!

How are you today?

Me? – I’m good, fine and Great!

Even though my car is in the shop getting major work done (transmission replaced) and I’m basically housebound until it is finished, I’m in  a great mood.

I’m writing this post today off the top of my head and the title is the first thing I thought of to write about.

How would finish the title of this post?

Today is the best day to_______________.

Go ahead and write that down (not for me though, for you) then fill in the blank.

No rules to it, just write it down and finish the statement.

For me:

Today is the the best day to start my planning for next year.

That is a big one for me. I have a lot of projects I want to accomplish and planning them out is going to give me a physical road map to follow in which to do just that. Accomplish.

So I could revise the statement a little too. Today is the best day for me to accomplish my planning.

That feels better.

Have you written it down yet? Is it that you are planning on starting something, finishing something, or relaxing?

All of it is important. All of it is a part of yourself that you are expressing. A need, desire, idea, or thought about what you want right here and now.

Make it realistic for yourself and then accomplish it. Write about it in your journal, blog about it, post it as a status update on your social media sites.

Do this one thing today for you. You deserve it.

At the very least you deserve to try this one thing for yourself. Are you ready? Count to three, take a deep breath, and write it down.

And if you could do one thing more, a small thing really, I’d like it if you could share that one thing with me by leaving a comment for me about it.

I love sharing ideas, thoughts, and such. I believe it keeps the energy building and the momentum moving. This in turn helps us accomplish what we need to (or want to) do.

Have a great day and be Happy with yourself today!

p.s. Have you written it down yet? No pressure just wondering.