Changes are Happening..again

March 15, 2018

Life is about changing.

It’s inevitable that all things in life must go thru changes at least once in their life cycles and sometimes more than once.  egg-clipart-butterfly-life-cycle-9.jpg


So it is with this blog of mine. Changing again as I also evolve in my personal life.

It’s becoming more focused and perhaps a little more professional (although professional is a subjective term here. hahaha)

Really though, I’m letting the flow of this space evolve in an organic sort of way.  I’ll still have a random thought category reserved for the whatever-spills-out-of-my-thought-today posts.

The other posts will revolve around the specifics of poetry, photography, and fiction noveling at night.

Some will be snippets of my current fiction writingSimple clipart typewriter #2633,

glimpses of photography projects,1005445.png


288705.jpgpops of poetry.


I will also start to have the how-to type of articles that deal directly with the aforementioned things. such as How-to write this or that, How to photograph things, and where to find poetical inspiration.

I’m at a time in my life now where I am carving out more time for this blog. It feels good to do this and satisfy the need I have to do more than one thing. Not sure yet of the schedule but I will let you know when I know.

Changing this site over to a self-hosting platform is also in the works. That may take a while to accomplish since I am in the learning phase of that project.

So for now,

Have a good day, week, weekend.

p.s. Thanks for reading!