28 Days of Positivity

Welcome, February 2018!

I welcome this February with 28 days of positive posts. This is a good challenge for me as I’ve been in a dark depression for months. So, even if I’m not feeling particularly positive about life on any given day this month, I plan on will post something positive.

Positive Post #1

I’ve not had any soda/pop for an entire 30 days. This is a huge feat for me because I really do enjoy the bubbly sweet concoctions.

I’m making healthier decisions in all areas of my personal and professional life. First one was the decision to let go of the need for soda. I feel better after 30 days of no soda and I plan on keeping to it.

There it is…post #1. I did it.

That was big.

Outside of my current comfort zone too.

I wish a day of goodliness for all of you!