Throwing Out Thursday

Good Morning Thursday!

No, I’m not actually throwing Thursday out. I am however, going through the remaining boxes that are stored in my basement and getting rid of more stuff that I no longer want or need.

I’m thinking of it as early Spring cleaning. I’ve moved several times in the past six years and every time I have moved I donated and threw out items I no longer used or that were no longer usable.

This time I am not waiting to move before I pare down.

The big impetus for the cleaning has come from watching Tiny House Nation.

Really? You ask..

Yes really.

I imagine what it would be like to live in a tiny house and I picture it filled with all of my stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff…….’s stuff.

Just things taking up space, valuable basement space.

So I’m imaging what it would be like to live in a tiny house without all of the extraneous stuff that I’ve accumulated over the past three decades.

I’m prepared to be brutal in a way in getting rid of things. I’m buying ten plastic tubs and allowing myself only that amount of space to store things in. What doesn’t fit will become donations if usable and garbage if not usable.

This feels good because I’ve realized lately that I’ve become attached to the stuff and I’m feeling suffocated by all of it. I get overwhelmed thinking about moving into a new house with all of this stuff. STUFF!!

In the process of being brutal I’m also being kind to myself and if I’m not really ready to release anything then I won’t. Because I’m not into depriving myself.

It all comes down to no longer wanting to feel controlled by stuff. Things that no longer serve a useful purpose in my life.

It’s time to let go. Time to move forward in a positive way.

It’s a goal of mine for this week is to start the letting go of stuff.

Have a great positive day!