First Monday of April

Spring finally feels like it has finally sprung! 🙂

Yes I’m a bit happy about that happening. It means I get to once again play in my gardens. I have a few container gardens on the front porch. I like the movability (yeah I made that word up) of container gardens. I’m not set yet on what I’m going to plant in the gardens this year but I’m leaning towards no flowers and just going green. Various shades of green. I’ll post photos when I get the gardens going.


Today’s magnetic Monday post is coming at you with these words – grow, believe and butterfly.

If you believe in your ability to grow then you will become the butterfly of your soul.

Hmmm… not quite right.

Butterflies will grow in your heart of you believe in love.


Okay third time around — 

I have learned to let go

and allow myself to grow,

Setting free the butterfly

that was once caged in

my soul.


I believe in life



That resonates with how I feel today.

Have a wonderful Monday (what remains of it anyway) and a great week. You never know you may just catch a butterfly winking at you. 😉