Magnetic Monday

Happy New Year to everyone!

Yeah new year was a few weeks ago now but I wanted to say it anyway. 🙂

It’s been a while since my last post and I wanted to reconnect with the blogging world. I haven’t been slacking on my writing though. I have been working on a few things. I hope the holidays were happy for all of you. It was a goodly holiday for me.

Today starts a new post that will carry on through February.  At least the kind of post will carry on through February. It’s called Magnetic Monday because I am experimenting with a magnetic poetry set that I bought at my local Half Price Books.

I shuffle the magnetic word tiles in a bag and then pull out a chunk of them. I lay the words out on the board in the order that they came out in, then I will post the poem here. I’m looking forward to this as some of the poems have been verily good, and some quite odd.

So here is the first Magnetic Monday post –

I, velvet warm ghost
is magic,
kiss that man
through sweet play.

Well there it is. Hmmm. Gives me a few ideas to run with for sure. Have a great day.