Minding the Mapping

I have used the technique called mind mapping before I knew what it was. Where you start with a central idea or theme and then write out or draw notes around the idea. Lines or shapes are usually drawn from the main idea outward to the details or supporting ideas and themes.

I’m sure many of you have done the same thing, I think it is in the human genetic code to doodle with your noodle in this way. 

Being the curious person that I am I decided to do a little research on the subject of mind mapping. There are many sites reference this technique and quite a few ref Tony Buzan as the inventor of mind mapping. In my opinion I think Mr. Buzan came up with name of mind mapping but I feel that it has been in use long before he began to teach the concept.

Here are some links to checkout the process, how-to’s, software, and a bit of history about mapping out the thoughts in your head.

1. The Mind Mapping Site – A good and informative site reference the history of mind mapping. 

2. Mind-Mapping.org – Information here about what it is, how to use it and the history of mind mapping.

3. Lifehacker.com – A rundown of five tools for mind mapping

4. Teaching Village – Mind Mapping for writers

5. Mindmapping.com – All about the mind map

6. Google – Images for mind mapping

7. Tony Buzan – Tony Buzan’s site explaining what mind mapping and how to mind map.

8. MindTools.com – Good information about mapping and other tools to use in daily life.

9. Uber self improvement – A self help site that has many techniques to improve your daily life as well as mind mapping.


There are many, many, many more resources out there for using mind mapping techniques not only for writing but also for work/daily life projects.

I think that the best advice for using mind mapping, graphic organizers, etc. is to just have fun with it. Allow your creative mind to step in and draw out what you want to accomplish.

Have a beautiful weekend and remember to be good to each other. 🙂