Sometimes It’s Too Noisy

The world is, at times, quite noisy

Being an introvert in a world that basically states “You must mingle, talk, and socialize whether you would like to do that or not.” (at least that is how the world seems to me most of the time), is tricky. Perhaps tricky isn’t the best word but right now it fits.

I’m an introvert. Which means I do not always want to communicate with the outside world, mingle and socialize.  A lot of the time I seek solitude so I can resettle my self from the chaos going on around me. Being bombarded with a constant stream of activity is very taxing on us introverts.

Indeed the world seems much too noisy at times. At these times I need to turn off the world. I turn off the computer, put the phone on silent, and let go of the cyber and social activities for a little while. This could be anywhere from an hour to a few days. During that time I usually write a lot of poetry. It’s my way of downloading the frenetic energy and resettling my self.

I’m introverted not cold

I’ve been called cold, stone-faced, emotionless, and shy. I’m not any of those things, except I am shy – at first. Once I let you in though and become friends with you, then I will talk your ears off. You would just need to understand that I will retreat into the shadows sometimes, in order to restore my inner balance. This has, at, times, had unintended ill-effects on personal relationships. I’ve lost friends because they thought I was weird, odd, and too strange because I wasn’t always on.

When I force myself to go out when I want to stay in, it never works. I feel on edge, nervous, and like I don’t belong. Even when I’m with friends. It’s taken a long time for me to realize that there is nothing wrong with me, I merely need a bit of solitude.

Dancing on the edge of everything

Introverts sometimes appear to be stalking society. The ones who live on the fringes of social activity. The ones who are quite content with being our own best friend. That doesn’t mean we do not like contact with others. It means that we require less contact than extroverts. I’m not saying extroverts are needy, they’re not, they are just different than introverts.

In my opinion –

The world needs both extroverts and introverts. Because the world would be a boring place if everyone were the same. Our differences can create a balance.



This are my thoughts today. Now I’m going to meditate and recharge. Have a wonderful weekend.  🙂




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  1. You know it’s funny, statistically speaking about 25% of people are introverts. It was such a relief going to my first writing workshop and finding myself surrounded by introverts. None of us ever had to explain ourselves if we just needed a bit of quiet or disappeared for a bit of downtime. They just got it, you know?

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