The Best Writing Advice This Year

At least for me this is best advice about writing that I’ve read so far this year.

In the March/April issue of Writer’s Digest there is an article by Steven James about writing organically. It’s brilliant.

Mr. James talks about the process of organic writing, which is not using an outline or being a pantser.

Writing organically is not sitting down and just writing whatever comes into your writer’s brain You merely need to “Let narrative forces rather than formulas drive your story forward.”

He states that writing from an outline will definitely get you to the end of your story but it will also stop you from digging further into it which could keep you from uncovering more in the story. You could stop yourself from adding depth of; character, plot, narrative, etc. to your writing.

I absolutely love what he says about rabbit trails. “Give yourself the freedom to explore the terrain of your story.” 

You really should check out the article, there is so much more than the tidbits on this post.

Have an awesomely great weekend. 🙂