And Then I Feel Love

I’m very much enjoying sifting through my older writing. I especially like reading the poetry because I can sort of see into the past through those words, my words. I can see where I was at the time emotionally and spiritually. Today I’m sharing a poem from 1995.

I hope you enjoy this one.

And Then I Feel Love 

March 21, 1995

I stand to see

the ocean,

I walk to the

shore to stand

in her waves.

I draw in the

sand, the

pictures of a

thousand years,

and I see the


I speak to the

wind to find

my own answers,

I hear the words

of a thousand

sages come echoing

back to me.

I wrap myself in

the leaves of the

oak, the strength

seeming to carry

me thru all mist.

I stand to see the


I walk to the shore

and feel the

sand on my feet,

in my hands,

and in my hair.

Now I am carried

by the winds,

flying to the

sun, to the heart

of the world itself.

I feel the water

as I stand in the

waterfall of wisdom,

the knowledge

pouring straight into

my soul,

my heart,

my life,

and then I feel love.

(c) 1995 Joelle Wilson

Yeah it’s still a bit rough and I can see where I can tweak it to make it flow a little better, but I like this one in the raw.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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