Poetry From The Side

A poem from 1998. It’s still in its raw form because I resisted the urge to try to make it better. I hope you enjoy it.

The Garden’s Light

June 1, 1998

The garden’s light

burns in me


For all their swords

and their wars,

that love in me

they could not kill.

For it is

the night that

they now fear.

Never listening

to the mountains


they still refuse

their heart

to hear.

Clinging now

to their own

steel blades.

Never to walk

to the river,

never in the

water to wade.

The garden=s light

still speaks

to me.

Tho= the wisdom

seems lost

and the keys are


I can still look

and I can still see.

They still fight

and they still


The books are

hidden and locked

are the doors,

yet here I am

inside this


Despite the wars

above the swords

and blood.

I stand still

I can still hear

the calling

of the garden

in the wood.

(C) 1998 by Joelle M. Wilson


4 thoughts on “Poetry From The Side

  1. Every word is beautifully expressed & captured in my mind. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing!

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