Icefest 2013

The weekend zipped by way too fast for my liking but it was fun nonetheless.

We went to an annual event  – Icefest- in which ice sculptures are displayed on the main street in the downtown area. There are about 50 (or so ) sculptures lined up on the sidewalk. A good many of them were already starting the melting process by the time we arrived. Well it was 52 degrees on Saturday. Some of the sculptures were losing the details on the facial areas.

It was interesting to see the details that the artists were able to carve into the blocks of ice.   I took photos of just about all of them. Some just had too many people around them to get a clear shot.

Even though I didn’t get to the bookfest part of Icefest, it was fun and I plan on going again next year.

Here are a few of the photos.

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