Thoughtful Thursday

Thinking deep thoughts today.

Space deep.

Ocean deep.

Word deep.

Deep deep.

If you keep saying the word deep it becomes a monotone sound in your mind. Try it, I dare ya.

Really though, the thoughts are running fast and deep today.

Today I am getting a few poems polished and shiny for an open mic event that I go to where I read my work. Even though I’ve been doing this open mic thing for a few years now, I still get stage fright nervousness every time. I’m trying to make it work for me though and not against me. I just imagine that no one is there, staring at me, expecting something great to fall out of my mouth.

Okay that was a weird visual.


How do you face down your fears?

p.s. There is nothing to fear but fear itself….hmmm… have you seen the size of some spiders?