Well the weekend came and went in sort of a blurred haze of laziness. I didn’t get the first chapter re-worked as I had hoped I would. I did read through it and make some notes, but I allowed myself to get sidetracked by the couch. It looked very inviting and I took advantage.  🙂

This week will see me getting chapter one re-done, new poetry written, and work on getting yard sale items ready. I know it’s still too cold for actually having a yard sale but I want to get everything ready for spring.

I love the Winter season (cold doesn’t bother me), but this year I find myself pining for Spring already. I’m dreaming of gardens and green leaves. lol.

I did make a sojourn to Barnes and Noble yesterday. I intended to buy a cup of coffee and a magazine. Well, I did get coffee but I bought four magazines and had to drag myself away from the bargain book shelves other wise I may have spent gas (or food) money on books. The items I did buy have already inspired me go full throttle on my book to get it done, completely done. I also have made notes on a few new stories that are already simmering on my writing back burner.

I never have a lack of ideas. I’m not complaining, merely observing. This year I really want to get things done. I’m all about the word done. I like it – done. Done.


I hope the week is being good to you and you are finding inspiration to keep the energy moving in a good forward direction.

p.s. Photos will soon appear here (tomorrow) from a brief park excursion the other morning.

4 thoughts on “Something

  1. Haha, yeah, the bookstore can be a very dangerous place… Ooo, I like the word “done” too. Me and “done” need to become better friends. 😉

  2. I can never make it out of a bookstore without buying something! It’s been hard to keep the energy up now that the holidays are over, but I think this year will be okay 🙂

    • Okay is a very good place to start. I think that from now on I may take only a certain amount of money with me to the bookstore, it could help.

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