Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. This year has actually been the best holiday season for me in what feels like a long time. Relaxing and welcoming has been the overall energy I’ve experienced so far.

With New Year’s eve just around the corner I have started to think about some goals for 2013. I made a mental list of a few things (about 10 things) then I went through and edited the list before writing it down. Here is what the edited version looks like:

2013 Goals List

1. Make every word count.

2. Make every moment count.

3. Relax and just write.

4. Relax and just live.

5. Remember that life is a journey of unexpected events, so live the events as they happen then write them down. I could wind up with a bestseller or at least a comic review at year’s end.

What about you? Are you investing in any goal writing, rewriting, rewording, reworking in 2013?

Have a wonderful weekend.