Starlight, Star Bright…….

Last night I was looking up at the night sky and remembering how I would sit out on a blanket on the lawn, staring up at the stars. I started doing that as a kid and continued star-gazing through-out my life.

I remember sitting out with my mom and when my sister came along I knew I would sit out with her too, when she was old enough.

I continued that tradition of star-gazing with my son right up until it was no longer cool for him to hang out with me. I sighed with a little sadness when that happened, but I knew it was part of the growing up process so it also made me happy. A double-edged sword I suppose.

At night things are quieter.The rush and frenetic energy of the day has dissipated and an energy of quiet strength caresses everything.

Even the traffic on the road seems quieter even when there is still a good amount of people traveling about on it.

Now I sit out by myself on the balcony of my apartment and stare up at the sky. I can’t see as many stars because of the all the human made lights but I can see enough. 

I’d love to have a telescope to bring those eyes of the night sky a little closer to my own. One with a camera attached to it would be great if such a thing exists. For now though, I’m enjoying it the way I have for years.

Have a great Wednesday!