I Never Thought About

Right Here, Right Now

May 1, 2012

Never thought about


because this moment is

all I have.


Never thought about the future

that much

because all I have is this



Never wanted to plan and

map out my life

all I want is each moment

as they happen.


All I want is right here

and right now,

I can’t look past this minute

I don’t know how.


Never thought that anything

would last

beyond this moment.


Never thought about holding

hands with time,

All I have is this moment

right here.


Never think about tomorrow

its too far to see

Never think much about the future

and that is fine with me.


I don’t have the seer’s touch

I just live in the here and now

and that’s alright with me.


I don’t need to know what the

future holds

Because all I need is right here

right now.