Wednesday Whatnots and Whistles

Today is a good day for me.

That is my mantra for the day. Keeping that short phrase in the forefront of my mind as I go about my day will help me remember that I can choose to make my day good for me.

It’s also a good reminder that I can’t make anyone else’s day a good day. They have to choose that for themselves. Just like I can’t choose what someone else will like or dislike.

A major component of life is choice. Everyday we make choices. I can choose; happiness, what to eat, what to read, what to write, etc.

Life’s choice list seems endless.

Some choices happen so fast it’s like being on autopilot. Others need consideration, time, and effort. Some choices are made while considering how it will affect other people.

So in the midst of your busy day remember – You can choose happiness.

Have a great day today. The choice is yours.