National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. has a great FAQ section for this month long event. Maybe event isn’t quite the right word but, a month of celebrating one of the greatest forms of word art is an event according to me. 🙂

I’m going to try and write one poem everyday in my poetry journal. It’ll be a tough task since I have so many other things going on at the same time, but I do love a challenge.

I‘m thinking of doing something special on the blog to celebrate it as well. Perhaps a poetry  challenge to all of you who dare to write a poem or two. 


Or perhaps just inviting all of you to chime in with a quote from your favorite poet, a bit from a favorite poem (yours or another author), a link to your website that features poetry and poetry related things.

I like the second idea better. So there it is. I invite all of you to chime, ring, write, spark, blast, and leave a comment or two about poetry and what it means to you.