Monday Four Mix-Up

Here’s a mix of blog entries that caught my eye today:

1. Nathan Bransford – Nice blog entry reference getting your book published.

2. Tami Etherton  at A Cup of Tea and Sorcery – Wonderful blog post about friends, birthdays, and an adult beverage recipe. (looks yummy).

3. Ollin Morales at Courage To Create – Love the message in his post today. A must read.

4. Kim Harrison (only my fave author) – At her blog today another snippet of her writing life. Read the entry and then look around. And then go out and buy her books – you will not be disappointed by any of them. Really…you won’t..they are great. And did I mention she IS my Favorite author?


These are Monday Four Mix-up for this week. I know, I know there are sooo many great blogs out there – I just don’t have the room to list them all. 😉

Go outside today and look around, take a deep breath, then listen. You may be surprised by what you hear.

3 thoughts on “Monday Four Mix-Up

  1. She’s my friend’s favorite author, too! In fact, she keeps trying to get me hooked on her and I finally downloaded ‘Dead Witch Walking’. As soon as the beast gets to the editor, I’m reading it. Who knows? Kim Harrison might be my new favorite author soon, too. Thanks for the shout out! Hope you enjoyed the party.

    • You’re Welcome. 🙂 Virtual party always equals fun and it’s a unique way for a birthday bash with long distance friends. 🙂

      You won’t be disappointed with DWW.

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