When You Change…

The world never looks the same after you’ve had a monumental shift in perception and awareness.

Your family and friends look the same but your reaction to them is different and their reactions to you are different too.

It’s almost as if you are seeing through different eyes. That somehow a veil has been lifted from your eyes and seeing clearly is the only way you can see now.

A shift of focus occurs. A shift of thought occurs. A shift of emotion occurs. You are irrevocably changed. The catalyst for this change can be something simple or a catastrophic event.

It’s odd at first because you almost feel as if the world changed instead of yourself. As if the world shifted its focus.

This changing of perception is a natural event in everyone’s life. It occurs at different times throughout your life.

In any case…

Change is inevitable and the world around you never looks or feels the same.

The only thing you can do after such an event is – move forward. Embrace the new or reawakened feelings within yourself. And acknowledge that you are on the right path for yourself.

Change is about moving forward and moving forward changes you. This is life.