First Interview is Finally Posted.

The first interview of this new feature is with Randy Bell co-founder of local open mic group – Creativa.

Randy is a local poet who organizes and performs poetry at Creativa.

I emailed some questions to him about Creativa and his role within that group.

  1. What is Creativa?

I envision Creativa as a community built around art; relationships forged and nourished because of mutual passion for creating. In these, we find artist from all genres (poetry, comedy, music, visual arts, dance, theatre, etc..) as well as those who simply enjoy the fine arts.

Creativa is a free and empowering experience. By offering a no-charge, safe, venue for sharing one’s creativity, we assist artists in finding and offering their talents. We invite everyone to be a part of this experience, so our community promotes an intimate exchange between the artist and the observer.

We have been fortunate to have had artists from all walks, both amateur as well as seasoned professional alike.

  1. How and When did Creativa Start?

Creativa started four years ago. It began as a wild spin-off of aUCCChurchplant called Nexus.

A motley crew of us decided that Art might bring people together better than religion. At first we simple called our event “Free Slam” and latter coined the name Creativa: A Convergence Of Creative Visions to more fully encompass the wide range of arts that we would be hosting, rather than simply poetry, or music. It also stressed one of our missions, which is to promote collaborative efforts between our artists.

  1. What is your role in Creativa?

My role in Creativa: Emcee, Organizer, Promotions, Consumer of anything that you bake! (I bring in baked goods to the monthly open mic events)

  1. Where is Creativa?

Initially, we met at Tanze dance studio but, in September, 2011 moved into our current home of Studio B 224 at Cincinnati Mall.

  1. Why the name Creativa?

Why the name?

Our name captures the idea of artists coming together, developing/nourishing relationships around art, in community. and in doing so, actually, intentionally making art happen. this is our vision.

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  1. I have been to several of Creativa events and they are amazing…Randy Bell and his wife Jody and several others do an awesome job of organizing the evening and doing the emcee and they make it enjoyable for everyone to attend….

  2. Actually, the name Creativa was something that I suggested when the name change happened. It comes from a Christian theology developed by Meister Eckhart called Creation Spirituality and in particular, the work of Matthew Fox. The four fold path of creation spirituality is Via Positiva, Via Negativa, Via Creativa and Via Transformativa. You can read more about those here and here I agree with what Randy is saying about the “vision” for Creativa and the purpose, etc. Just wanted to share the actual origins of the name. It is important to understand that there is something more to it, a spiritual under girding. “The Via Creativa is a path of Birthing, Imagination and Passion. The commandment for this path could be: Do Not Be Reluctant To Give Birth. At core, one can say that the spiritual discipline of creation centered spirituality is to develop the artistic view. Beauty and our role is creating it is at the center of spirituality. Through our experiences of the light and the dark we birth images (via word, story, science, movement, practice, sculpting, work, painting, poetry and many other forms) that give rise to the divine and evoke from us the co-creative forces which can birth justice, beauty and compassion.”

    There is a lot more I could say about the history of Creativa but this is the important part. Hope that helps others understand another layer or aspect of the story of Creativa.

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