Slinging a Little Mud

Slowing down and looking at the world around me is something that I’ve been doing a lot of lately.

And last night was no exception, it just occurred in an odd way.

I was helping a friend move a few things (boxes) – at least that was the plan. But life doesn’t always go as planned.

The moving a few things turned into attempting to get his truck unstuck from a muddy place.

After placing gravel under the tires, rocking it back and forth, a lot of mudslinging. – we (my friend, myself, and a couple of other people) got it unstuck.

The humor of the situation wasn’t lost on any of us even though we all tried not to laugh (too much).

So with mud covering those of us (mostly our legs and feet) who helped push the truck out of the muck, I took a breather and looked around where we were.

I suddenly became aware of the beauty of where I was.

The sky looked brighter, the distant call of birds sounded clearer and the mud became a connection to the natural world.

It seems that often in this fast paced world, I don’t see this as much as I should. Nor do I feel the connection as much as I should.

But there in the mud I did see it, feel it, and sense it. It being nature, the real world. The world beyond the cyber connection.

So in short- remember to reconnect with the world outside of the tech stuff.

Writing this post today is kind of funny since I’m typing this on my phone and you’re probably reading this on a computer. And this is a post about connecting to the natural world not the high-tech-synthetic-cybernetic-gadget based world.

I’m not saying that the high tech world doesn’t have a place in our daily lives, just that we need to remember the natural one as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go outside and reconnect.