Exquisitely Imperfect

I’ve realized a few things in my life and the biggest realization (to date) is that life is exquisitely imperfect.

My imperfections makes me uniquely me. I’m not the same as anyone else, I’m not perfect. I love the mistakes I’ve made in my life they’ve brought to the place that I’m in right now, here in this moment.

Imperfections allow me to be in the moment and focus on each moment in order to fully experience and embrace each moment.

Allowing myself to fully embrace my imperfections allows me to learn and grow from each experience that I have.

Allowing myself to love my imperfections, gives me the necessary breathing room to jump into the flow of life.

Jumping into the flow of life allows me to breathe easier and think more freely. Being exquisitely imperfect is just being.

Embrace your imperfections, embrace yourself and dive into the flow of life.

Have a great Thursday. 🙂