Kids today are not just playing video games.

I know that sometimes in the media kids are portrayed as only being concerned with themselves, fashion, video games, and just hanging out without purpose. It’s a stereotype that just doesn’t fit in today’s world.

Take for example Angela Zhang, a 17-year old high school student who won a science competition. Not that exciting you say?

Well, she won for creating a nanoparticle that can detect and kill off cancer cells. I know, you feel like you read something wrong, go ahead read that last sentence again.

Ms. Zhang didn’t perfect a virtual reality video game, she helped bring a possible cure ( or at the least a better treatment option), to other people.

It’s great to hear, see, and read about the positive things that kids today are doing. It’s exciting to see, hear, and read about what they are accomplishing.

You can read more about Angela Zhang’s accomplishment at the Huffington Post.

Cynics beware – the future is looking better.

Have a great Monday. 🙂