I am number four

Yes I know it’s not an original title, but it fits as this is post number four for 2012. What..you mean you’re not counting?  lol.

Okay so on with it right?


Well then today I’ve been thinking a lot about {insert drum roll or other special effect here} – the art of letting go and how it effects all aspects of my life.

The letting go is physically: reducing the amount of material things I have jammed into this apartment, and emotionally it means letting go of the past. As well as letting go of people (not in death mind you), just letting them go from my everyday thoughts.

This is freeing for me on all levels. It’s something I’ve needed to do for a while but was just too stubborn to admit to myself it was the next necessary step for me.

Materially letting go of things that no longer serve a useful purpose in my life. It’s like opening a window on a clear morning and letting fresh clean air. Feels good and invigorating.

It’s not as if I’m giving up all worldly possessions (I do like some of my stuff lol), some things I still need/want in my life.

I mean some of these gadgets make life a lot more interesting.

Some of these things that I feel are (have been) weighing me down are — books. Yes, I said books. I’m clearing out a whole shelf of books.

The rest is really just crap I’ve collected over my many years on this planet and the only thing the crap is doing is junking up the place, So I have some clearing out to do over the next few weeks.

Weeks because I’m going slow with it. If I go too fast I’ll feel over-whelmed and not a whole lot will get done.

Hmmm kind of like my writing lately. If I push too hard, too fast it grinds to a halt. I’m so weird sometimes. I used to be able to just sit and crank out the writing, now I’m feeling the need to slow it down a bit. Who knows in a few months it’ll be at warp speed again because all of the crap will have been cleared out and the energy will start moving forward in a good and positive direction again.

Okay…I sort of went off the path.


Letting go of the emotional stuff I’ve collected may bit a bit trickier. It’s not as if I can just reach down inside my brain/mind/body/spirit and rip out the unnecessary stuff. It’ll be a step by step process of just letting it all go. Not forgetting those experiences because they have contributed (for better or worse) to the person I am at this moment. 

Letting go of people is trickier still.

It’s about just letting them go an allowing them to be who they are without getting frustrated at the choices that are being made. And it’s really only one person so you’d think it’d be an easier thing to accomplish. Not so much.

But again it’s needed. So I’m doing it.

Letting is never easy unless you just let go and let it flow.

And that’s it for today/this evening. I know I kind of rambled up there, but hey, that’s me – the rambler.


What are doing for yourself today forward?

2 thoughts on “I am number four

  1. Joelle, I feel this post so completely. In terms of worldly possessions and life complications, letting go is one of the most amazing, liberating things, and I strive to do it more and more. But in terms of people, experiences… That’s so much harder. I suppose I still strive for it, because I do believe that simplicity — not ignorance — leads to increased bliss, but… It’s so much harder, LOL.

    • Things are definitely much easier to let go of than people.
      I found my quote of the day “simplicity — not ignorance — leads to increased bliss,” Really like that.

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