Words are Weird

2012 post number 3

When I was younger (in the 5-7 range) I remember seeing commercials for antacids. Nothing out of the ordinary there, I realize that fact. However, it was the way my mind interpreted that word.

My mind took it apart  – ant acid. And I remember thinking that it was weird for the television to show people actually eating ant acid. I mean acid dissolves things so it can’t be good to eat. Right?

And people already have acid in their stomachs to help digest things, so if people have problems with food in their bellies wouldn’t people acid be a better choice?

Yes, my mind works in mysterious ways. Then and now.

I asked about it and it was explained what it really was and what it is used to help alleviate. I just love how the mind works. Makes life interesting.

What word(s) did you (or do you) think have an odd ring to them?



2 thoughts on “Words are Weird

  1. Lol, never thought of that before, but I can totally understand!

    Not exactly the same, but there’s a line in an Ace of Base song that goes, “All she wants is another baby.” Growing up I always thought, WHY does she want another baby, and why is this band singing about it!? It doesn’t make sense with the rest of the song! Only later, when I learned more mature slang, did I realize “baby” meant “lover.” o_O

  2. Love the words that have double meanings. Well the ones we give double meanings to anyway. 🙂 Sometimes I think too much about words and they dissolve into waaaayyyy different meanings.

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