I am old enough that……

No year-end-best-of-things-worst-things-most-newsworthy-things-revved-up-countdown of the year 2011.

Nope. There are plenty of those lists circulating and making the rounds on television and the internet.

My list at near year end is fun. Will make you smile. So here it is:

I am old enough to remember when:

1. There were no cell phones.

2. Gas was $0.79 per gallon

3. There was no internet.

4. Home computers were not available.

5. MTV really was music television. They had VJ’s and blocks of videos.

6. Pong was the best video game ever made.

What about you, my wonderful readers, what are you remembering at year’s end?

4 thoughts on “I am old enough that……

  1. We must be about the same age, I remember gas being $0.79 as well. VHS was the ‘new’ kind of video ~ Beta was the standard, and cassette tapes were just gaining popularity over 8-track. And my mom thought the microwave would blow up the house. Those were some good times!

    Thanks for the flash back to a more simpler time.

  2. I am “old enough” to remember when AOL and Prodigy first came out. I was like the only kid with internet at home.

    But back when gas prices were good, I was too young to pay attention. πŸ˜›

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