Wednesday’s Photo

A Picture of Winter

I took this one in 2007. The back area of an apartment complex where I used to live.

I love the winter. The ice, cold air, and snow all mix together to form a perfection not found in any other season.


What’s your favorite thing about winter?




6 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Photo

    • You know I never looked at wardrobes in quite the same way again after reading about Narnia. I just never found a magical one – yet. Glad that my photo reminds of that magical place. 🙂

  1. My favorite thing about winter… mm! The smell in the air before snow falls, with the clouds forming a kind of warm blanket over the frozen earth.

    What a beautiful picture. Have a great holiday!

    • There is definitely a scent of waiting and sense of anticipation before the snow falls. Love the image of a warm blanket. Thanks and you have a wonderful holiday as well. 🙂

    • 🙂 Oh yeah snow shoveling. Loved it when I could shovel it into “bricks” and make some sort of snow fortress with them. Thanks 🙂

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