Flowing Into Monday

Waking up today and being informed that we have no electricity was a bit unusual, well very unusual actually. My first thought was my apartment, my building, the entire complex, or further out than that? I wondered how far reaching was this outage.

Then I started to think of the things that I couldn’t do without electricity, for about 3 seconds anyway and no I didn’t time it. πŸ™‚

My mind switched gears rather quickly and went to -I hope it wasn’t and auto accident, a cold cereal breakfast is fine, it’s not freezing outside, I have no where to go early this morning, I’ll shower later, and I can always post to this blog from my phone.

This is a significant switch for melancholy me (my holiday personality), and l found it quite interesting that it occurred.

Guess the meditating and getting back to just being in the moment as it happens is working for me after all.

I didn’t realize the impact of those simple things on my everyday life. Also didn’t know that it would spiral out beyond my writing.

Being in the flow of life is good and feels great. It’s something you have to consciously work at 24/7. It’s simply a state of being.

Being who you are, expressing your truths (at least to yourself if not to the outside world), being in the moment, just feeling alive on every level of your person.

And yes negative thoughts come up, but here is the key (for me), I merely let them be too. I don’t give them extra attention and they simply cease their chatter and be still.



What have you done to create a place of quiet? Do you any techniques for relaxation or meditation that you’d like to share? Comment and let me know.

Have a great Monday.

4 thoughts on “Flowing Into Monday

  1. Man, I haven’t seriously meditated since I was in high school, but you’re really making me miss it. Perhaps I should devote just 5 min a night to it and see how it goes… Glad it’s working for you!

  2. Meditation can lead to many amazingly humbling experiences. It has so many physical, mental and spiritual benefits, it would be stupid to not practice it. Strange how many of us don’t.

    Nice post! πŸ™‚

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