Mucking Monday

Blerg!  Yes it’s a real word because it fits the feeling of today.

It’s cold, gray and mucky outside. The kind of dreariness that seeps into the apartment and creeps around until it grabs a hold of my creative mind and threatens to swallow it.

So today I’m looking for ways to add color to the inside of my walls to makeup for the lack of it outside.

Hmmm…  That was an odd sentence, it’s not as if I’m really coloring the inside of my walls but rather putting color (via artwork) on the walls inside of my apartment.

Yep that was a better way of stating it.

Randomness starting……now – 

Words are weird sometimes. Words for writers (from a writer’s pov) are even weirder. The ways to combine words to tell a story, convey emotion, allow others to ‘see’ what is meant by the letters on a page, or bring the reader to a different world are what writers do with words.

I know that you already knew that.

The weird part is when a writer reads something as simple as street sign, instructions for anything, as slogans, or a description of something, and then comes up with an entirely different meaning than what was intended.

I also know that writers aren;t the only creatures on earth that can do that.


Writers will also come up with entire story lines, plot threads, characters, summaries and other various aspects of a story by doing the aforementioned things.

A picture is worth one thousand words (or more) and a writer will sit and write those words.

Randomness is now finished.

Please continue with your day, may it be wonderful.

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