Commenting Has Helped Improved My Writing

Weird concept, I know, but it’s true for me. The more I leave comments on other blogs, the better my word choices have become.

I always read my comments before I click post (it’s only logical), that way I can check for typos and make sure that what I mean is reflected within my words.

Simple things result in the biggest changes it seems.

My writing has become tighter. In other words (lol) my writing has become more concise and to the point. I don’t nit-pick my words, criticize myself for the word choices, or grab the nearest thesaurus to choose a better word. And I don’t over analyze my words.

Instead I focus on what it is I really want to say and then let the words flow.

It’s all in the focus and the flow of conscious writing. And it’s flowing into my everyday writing. Even while writing this post I can feel how my mind is looking at the words as they ebb and flow on the screen, making sure that they state what I mean with clarity.

So again, it all comes back to focus. That is interesting.

What are you focusing on today?

4 thoughts on “Commenting Has Helped Improved My Writing

  1. Er, focusing on a certain news story, unfortunately. I SHOULD be focusing on the end of my book.

    But, to the point of your post, YES, blogging and responding has absolutely made me a better writer! You can’t (or shouldn’t, anyway) waste words on the web. At the same time, it’s all about conversation, exchanging ideas. So it’s very stimulating, in multiple ways.

    • Should’s are so boring – lol- but I find eating chocolate while focusing on should’s easing it a bit. 🙂

      I love the exchange of words and ideas with others via the web and in person.

  2. I have never noticed this myself but I think you might be right! Maybe I should comment more often from now on.

    My focus today is on relaxing. I really need to chill out (mainly because I have a lingering cold).

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