Snail’s Pace Today

So far today has been very, very slow in the nanowrimo area. I only have 150 words but the day is quite young. I’ll catch up to my 2000 words/day goal a little later and tomorrow I have a plan of attack. Type for 2 hours in the morning, time out for domestic Goddess duties, then 2 more hours before sleep. If all goes according to that plan then I’ll be on goal through out the month.

Hmm that little saying about the best laid plans…….it is circling round the brain but I’m choosing to ignore it.  🙂

Other than that – 

I’m looking at entering a couple more contests this year, submitting poetry to magazines, and still working on the other WIPs waiting for me with impatient characters ready to get moving along.

What about you? Any major year end plans in the works? Holidays? Vacations? 

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