A Fan Girl Rave Today

I just have to rave today. It’s a must and there really is no way around it. There is something at the forefront of my mind that simply must be given a way out.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now but I had to wait until today.

My mind is still processing the information. It was in my thoughts so much that I even had a rather odd dream about it last night. I’ll not delve into that oddness here, not today anyway.

Okay I’ll get to the point of the post – The Hollows Insider. More to the point I’m writing about Kim Harrison author of the previously mentioned tome of greatness.

First thought I must gush about the book itself. The Hollows Insider is the new book about the world that Ms. Harrison has created for her series of books. It’s freaking awesome.

Normal View

And check this out –

Dude, the cover glows. What is not to love about that?

Then crack open the cover (not literally) and you see the contents page set up with file folder tabs. And each section of the book has a corresponding tab at the beginning of each chapter. My inner organizer is all goose flesh now.

This book is no ordinary, dry, facts only please, beastiary, with only brief descriptions of places, creatures, and people. No. This goes well beyond that concept. Kim Harrison has given her fans a book to delve into that brings the Hollows closer. The book has a clear story line, main character, supporting cast of characters, a beginning, middle and end.

In other words it is 301 pages of new fiction from the mind of Kim Harrison. It’s as if you are reading through files of an investigative reporter. Seeing the Hollows through his eyes. I love the outside view of the characters.

The book has recipes, charms, non-human info, maps, facts and everything you wanted to know about the Hollows but was too afraid to ask an inderlander (non-human person)for the info.

Check out the review at Barnes and Noble book clubs here. Most excellent review.

And did I already mention that the cover glows! It’s only the first print run that will have the glow in the dark cover. So Tuesday I, of course, went out and bought it.

Kim Harrison, uber urban fantasy author, has written a series of books that draws you in from the first page and keeps you firmly within those pages until you get to the end. Which then leaves you wanting more. I mean it her books are the crack of the urban fantasy world. Okay maybe that is just my opinion but I think it’s a good analogy. 🙂

The characters are well developed and continue to grow and get smarter through out the series. The plots are woven into the story with great detail and you feel as if you are there within the words. The books are from the point of view of Rachel Morgan, a witch and bounty hunter/P.I. who lives with a vampire and a pixy – in an old church.

Kim Harrison gives us a new look at the classic mythic figures of vampires, pixies, faeries, werewolves and demons. A kick ass cast of characters, rich and vibrant setting, a story that gets better with each book, this series is a definite thrill ride of the supernatural sort, set within Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. A must read for urban fantasy fans.

Ms. Harrison also has short stories for you sink your teeth into in the anthologies: Dates From Hell, Holidays Are Hell, Hotter Than Hell, and Unbound. And a young adult supernatural series. She is one busy author.

Book ten A Perfect Blood is due out February 21, 2012. And Ms. Harrison herself has just confirmed that there is a television series in the works. If I could do back flips of happiness I would. lol.

That is all the gushing for the moment. If you like urban fantasy. looking for a great series to read, need a new author to read, then I urge you to go now to the store and grab a copy of Dead Witch Walking (book one in the series). Then you’ll need buy the rest of them. It’ll happen. You will get hooked.

Or go to your local library and check it out. What are you waiting for? 🙂

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