Shiny Friday – A Round Up Of Oh-So-Interesting Things

These are listed in no particular order. I mean it’s not like I’m writing some kind of official top ten list or anything. More like it’s a meandering of the musings I found this week.

They could be in the order of when I found them, but I highly doubt that.

Nope. I checked. No order. It’s chaos. The good kind.

Just some posts/articles that happened to look shiny enough to catch my eye.

1. Freaking funny post about questions you should ask yourself as you write. And even if you’re not an author, I really recommend that you check it out. Matter of fact I insist. 🙂

2. Like baking cakes? (I do I do I do) Like cutting the layers? (me neither) so check out layer slicing kit. It’s way cool.

3. Pumpkins! The Jack-O-Lantern. Orange Rules. At least in October. The seeds are great when salted and cooked. The flesh is sweet when pulverized and made into pie. But can you do this with them? Not sure I could, it takes carving talent. Southern Living on-line shows some awesome carved creations.

4. At I found an older (2007) but interesting article about making your own hard apple cider. I’ll definitely post about it when I try it. Check out the link here.

5. Here is a link to a list of digital photography tips for photographing your pet(s). Digital Photography School. There are a lot of things to read at this site. So if you’re into DP check it out post-haste. 🙂

6. Check out Rach Writes to see a long list of short stories to read. They are short too. 300 words or less. It’s the third challenge of the writing campaign. If you like one a lot, you can always vote for it.

7. Random blog for this spot. Sonia Lal (writer I met through the writing campaign) has an interesting site. Check out the graphics along the side – sweet.

8. Do you like to read? Yes – then hop on over to Julie Kagawa’s Blog and look into her Iron Fae YA series.  I met here a book signing/YA author panel at Joseph-Beth Bookseller and she is awesomely down to earth.

9. WeHeartYA – Most excellent blog of YA book reviews and articles. The four writers there are up and coming authors themselves. Kristan Hoffman, Ingrid Palmer, Sarah Wedgbrow, and Stephanie Mooney.

10. Kim Harrison – Uber great Urban Fantasy author has a Halloween contest on her blog.

What about you out there in cyber-land. Have you come across anything interesting, odd, weird or plain old wacky this week? If you would care to share then please post a comment or two.

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