Downside, Upside, Outside


Last week my computer had started to act funny; running slow, refusing to open files, rearranging the files on my desktop at random moments, shutting twice on its own, and being a general pain in the butt.

I had a tense computer week.

Then I realized I had not backed up the files on my hard drive in a while. I know, I know. I used to be on top of that by backing up on a daily basis and then I just..well..became a bit lazy about it. Lesson learned.

I did lose a few writing files which included the short story that I had planned on posting last Friday. I didn’t pre-write anything on paper and the entire thing was only saved on the computer. Or so I thought.

The other files I lost were:

1. Short story ideas. (also not written in my notebook)

2. My posts for this week.

3. A few photo files.

It took about 10 hours on Saturday but, I finally saved as much as I could and backed up the files onto a portable hard drive. That was,of course, after I updated the virus software and did a complete system scan. Which was why it was an all day kind of event.


My computer is working completely fine again. Doing the happy dance!

Managing to avert a total file loss disaster taught me a valuable lesson about – backing up, saving – all of my writing files on a daily basis (like I used to do).


Wednesday’s post will be something different (yes because I lost the original post), I’m going to get up earlier then I normally do and take a walk with camera in hand. I’ll take photos of what I see and post them in the afternoon.

A scavenger hunt of sorts.

Who knows this could become a regular theme for Wednesdays. “Walking About on Wednesdays”….I kind of like that idea.

Any suggestions of what I should look for? I live in a suburban area. Trees in full fall color are on the list.

5 thoughts on “Downside, Upside, Outside

  1. Phew. Sounds like you lost a little, but that’s better than a lot!

    I look forward to seeing what your scavenger hunt turns up. 🙂

    • So, so , so , much better than what almost happened. I was worried. It should be interesting to see unusual things I can find in suburbia. 🙂

  2. It’s really annoying when you lose work because of computer problems. Happened to me years back so now I always keep at least 5 copies on different harddrives and servers so it’s virtually impossible to lose anything. At least it’s up and running now 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll find lots of interesting things for your scavenger hunt! Good luck.

    • I used to do 3 copies. 1 on hard drive, 1 on CD, 1 paper copy. To save on paper and ink I stopped printing but now..I really think I’m going back to the rule of three. But maybe switching to the 5 copy one maybe better.


  3. Oh yeah. I’ve been burned before by a total hard drive crash and the guy I had paid to get the info off my drive, stopped returning my calls and would never tell me how long it would be. So that was a loss.

    Got myself an external hard drive for that stuff.

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