Fuh-got about Friday.

Really I forgot to post on Friday. But I have a good reason – I was re-organizing my entire craft cabinet. It takes an entire day to do it. I moved in here almost a year ago and never organized my crafts in any sort of logical manner. So Friday I corrected that egregious error in my ways. 🙂

My crafts are now comfortably tucked into their individual drawers, containers, and shelves. They’re happy – I’m happy and now I’m getting to a blog post that should’ve been done yesterday.

It’s not a hugely important post just a few thoughts about October, the writing campaign, and guest posts.

Thought #1 – To celebrate Halloween, I’m going to post a flash fiction piece on Fridays for the month of October. The basic theme is creepiness. Not necessarily bloodiness, gore or flying body parts. I’m aiming for giving you (my most excellent readers) a good chill up and down the spine. Perhaps a little something that will work on the mind long after you have read the story.

And if you’d like to join in the fun  then check back on Monday for the subject of the story to post on Friday. Then comment on Friday and include a link to your blog post. And yes I was inspired by the writing campaign. Thanks again to Rachel Harrie for starting the writing campaign.

Leading into — Thought #2 – The Writing Campaign has been and is continuing to be a wonderful source of inspiration. Many thanks to my blog visitors that have found their way here via the Writing Campaign. I feel like I’ve made some awesome blog friends (that sounded odd lol). I’m looking forward to a great October with all of you.

That’s about all the thoughts I have at the moment. Get outside and enjoy the coolness of the weather, unless of course it’s raining then stay inside and bake cookies or write of bake and then write……..    Have a great weekend.  🙂