Decided to do something a little different today. This is the beginning of a short story. This is what came to me as I was attempting to clean a stain out of my living room carpet. The real stain is just juice.


In order to get rid of the bloodstain, I had to replace the entire carpet. No amount of cleanser effectively erased the damn thing. He wouldn’t stop and now he’s dead. Funny that getting rid of his body was easier than getting rid of the stain he left on my carpet and in my life.

Maybe having the hardwood floors naked and shining won’t be so bad. It’s just that I don’t know how much work the floors need. This carpet has been here for the last fifteen years. Years of dirt, mud, animal stuff, food, spilled drinks and various cleaners to get out the aforementioned offenders, have piled up on the overworked floor fibers. May as well get to work pulling up the old shag.

I suppose I should burn the carpet pieces, seems best. That way there will be nothing left of him. Well except for the memories, I’ll always those things tramping about in my brain. No effective cleanser for those either. I’ve tried many things without success. Maybe this is a first step. Since he’ll no longer have a physical presence, then perhaps I can somehow release the shadows draping my mind.

I have to start living again sometime. I deserve as much. He stole so many years from me, just as he stole me from my family and life. He had no right to do that, no right to do any of this to me. He never told me why. And I didn’t ask. I didn’t really care for his whys or actions. I feel like I can almost breathe again. Tomorrow will be the first day without him in fifty years.


What normal everyday thing has inspired you to write?

4 thoughts on “Bloodstained

  1. Sounds like an interesting start. Your usual dark-but-human stuff, hehe.

    Btw, it might be fun to see more of what she’s doing, as opposed to just hearing her thoughts. One common exercise in writing classes is a How To story. You have to tell a story while simultaneously showing how to do something. Examples from my class include: how to field dress a deer (mine), how to disarm an atomic bomb, how to make cabbage soup. You cannot skip steps — you really do have to teach readers how to do the thing, in addition to telling the story. It’s a fun challenge, and I could easily see this story being like that. How to get a bloodstain out of your carpet.

    • 🙂 The dark is more fun to play within or in or inside of or well you know what I’m saying. 🙂 Love your suggestion – How to get a bloodstain out of the carpet. Wheels are turning and words will be dropping soon.

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