5 Things I Love About Writing

Writing is great because it allows my mind to wander free and unfettered by conscious reality.  I think I would batty, nutty, upside down, and fall off into the outer most reaches of insanity if I didn’t write. Since I love something this much, I figured I would see if I could list the top 5 things I love about writing. Besides the whole it keeps me sane thing. 🙂

The 5 things I love about writing:

1. I can create anything I chose to create.

2. Writing is my deepest felt passion. (besides chocolate)

3. With words I find it easy to express myself no matter what the situation or atmosphere.

4. I like entertaining others with words.

5. No batteries required. (Unless you are using a laptop, tablet, or handheld device.) 🙂

Okay so there it is and sometimes it changes, but number two stands for all time. What are your top 5 reasons for writing?

16 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About Writing

  1. Good question! Let’s see…
    1) I can travel the world / imaginary worlds without leaving the house, and it’s free!
    2) I get to see characters evolve, overcome difficulties, experience a gamut of emotions.
    3) Finding new ideas is a thrill. Just the process of writing/creative thinking is something I enjoy.
    4) There are some things you can express in words that other media can’t capture.
    5) There’s a chance what I’ll write might connect with someone else.

    • Great list. I was trying to figure out a favorite one but they are all really good. Number 5 is close to fave status. Thanks for commenting with your list. 🙂

  2. I doubt I can think of five reasons I like writing, but I enjoy the rewriting and editing process. Thanks for visiting my blog, I can’t see a subscribe button, so I won’t know when you update your blog. But I am following you on twitter. 🙂

    • Thanks for the follow and for bringing up the error ref the subscribe button. It is now fixed. I think I deleted it while I was tweaking the page yesterday. Oops.. 🙂

  3. Hmmm…
    1. I love asking “What if?” and finding an answer to that.
    2. I love making up characters and seeing where their lives take them.
    3. Writing is a legitimate way for an adult to continue to “play pretend”.
    4. I get to think up names. I love thinking up names.
    5. I’ve met so many incredible people because I write.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog! I’ve just listed you as a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out on my blog at this post: http://elizabethannewrites.com/2011/09/13/im-a-versatile-blogger/

  4. 1. I love telling stories
    2. I love playing what if…
    3. It gives a place for the characters in my head to tell their story
    4, If someone makes me really angry, I can do things to him in my book and it’s legal!
    5 Cheaper and much better than therapy

  5. Joelle,

    What a fun list! I agree with you on pretty much all these points. There’s very little about writing that sucks, and these five points just make it even more golden than it already is! Thank you for stopping by my blog — I can’t wait to read more of yours and to continue interacting with you throughout the Campaign and beyond!

    Write happily!

    • 🙂 Write Happily is now printed and on my wall. I tend to print random writerly things. The campaign has been great for meeting other writers and I’ll be dropping in on you (your blog) to keep reading.

  6. Those are some very valid 5 points. I don’t know if I can write for long in a paper journal anymore, unless I’m having difficulty getting started. Otherwise my hand starts to work so those battery operated devices come in handy.

    • I love going ‘old-school’ and break out the pen and paper. It usually leads to the computer soon thereafter – I type faster than I can print.

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