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“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – Neil Armstrong

Well Neil it has happened again, but this time it was here on earth and the step was made by a woman. The giant leap was made in the area of medical science.

At the U.S. Science Conference today the Cyber-Med Unit was unveiled. This particular advancement in medical science allows the medical student (and medical community) to perform various surgical, bio testing, and other necessary medical testing without harm.

In other words the Cyber-Med Unit has revolutionized the entire medical community. Gone are the days of using cadavers for practicing the various medical procedures that med-students need to know and practice. Including surgery, injections, starting I.V.’s, etc.

This also marks a great triumph in the area of animal rights. Animals are no longer needed for medical testing or, for that matter, any type of testing. The current trend in medical technology is to harm none in the practice of medicine.

Prototypes of the Cyber-Med Units have been tested extensively and have been found to perform beyond the expectations of the inventor, Dr. Cara Irvine. The Cyber-Med unit is now in full production and is expected to roll out of the factory and into the various medical institutions around the world at the end of the month.

Dr. Cara Irvine is a 15 year veteran in the medical research field who, in the very beginning of her career, has been a strong voice against causing harm in order to heal. Although she declined to be interviewed for this article stating that Cyber-Med is the focus and not her, she did say. “Finally, my dream is being realized.”

The Cyber-Med unit has practical applications in all phases of testing of all products. It is  to be used in testing labs around the world that traditionally used live subjects for all kinds of testing from food to cosmetics to cleaning products.

Cyber-Med is a fully programmable unit. The person who needs to test products for safety and effect can program the unit in a matter of minutes for each test that is required for the product. The Cyber-Med unit effectively and efficiently reproduces the exact effect that a product would have on a human organism.

This is due to the fact that the Cyber-Med Unit’s entire body makeup and chemistry is able to mimic the human body. It can be programmed for any illness, allergy, disease, or any other human affliction and it will react exactly the same as a live subject.

Researchers around the globe are applauding the effort that was required to bring Dr. Irvine’s dream to life. Researchers are eager to receive their Cyber-Med Unit and begin legal testing again. As animal testing was made illegal early last year by a combined law in all countries. Human testing is also not allowed due to the high mortality and injury rate.

The Cyber-Med Unit is truly a great scientific advancement of the ages.

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