10 Random Things

I read a post at Carrie Bastyr’s blog titled –“10 Random Things“. She is a writer involved in the Writing Campaign. The post is a fun way for the writing campaigners to find out some fun facts about each other. I’m trying to keep the idea going so here’s my list.

1. If I wasn’t a writer I’d be a researcher. I love researching just about anything and then assembling the information into cohesive reports, charts, lists, and you get the idea.

2. I once had a brindle colored dog named Silver. He was a mix of – Saint Bernard, Irish Setter, and Boxer.

3. Don’t like elevators and will avoid at all costs. If the building is too high, I may not even go in. Guess that means I’ll never visit the Empire State Building.

4. In my writing I noticed that I tend to kill off the male characters first. Not a conscious choice.

5. I used to be a customer service rep for Prodigy. The ancient version of social media.

6. I still have my first cell phone and it still works. It’s heavier than my digital camera -lol.

7. I don’t like sweet pickles, lima beans, or  brussels sprouts.

8. I like meeting other writers and hearing about the how’s and why’s of their writing.

9. Hot sauce is great on chocolate cake. Really, not kidding. My family thinks I’m weird but it’s really good. Try it.

10. I still have the first stuffed animal I had when I was a baby. It’s a bear with one eye, no nose and most of the fur has worn off. But it still has all of the original stuffing.


There are ten random things about me. Now what about you? Care to join in and post ten random things about yourself?

2 thoughts on “10 Random Things

  1. Hi Joelle, and greetings from the Campaign trail. I like your choices of music in your other post, by the way. You’ve got a good blog going here! I post a lot of music on my own blog, actually. It’s good to share the things that are really motivating you.

    I think I may well do a 10 things post in the near future. N

    • 🙂 Thanks Neil. I’m still making the rounds of blogs – there are so many. I’m glad I only joined two groups. I’m all about the sharing of good music. 🙂

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