Because my mind is groggy and foggy….

Here’s a list of sites to amuse, entertain, and otherwise enrich your life on this Monday morning.


Ten articles in no particular order (is randomness a type of order?):

  1. – Love this one because I was out of blog post ideas. Yes me, felt empty of bloggy inspiration. Or maybe I just needed a different view on things, anyway I really like this one.
  2. – This is just great. Bookmark it you’ll want to read it again. She has some great posts on writing too.
  3. – Writing according to your mood is a delicious way of getting writing done.
  4. – Seriously good idea for plotting. Yeah I said the p word.
  5. – I’m still a newbie on Twitter and really appreciated this one. After you’re done reading part one click the link in that post for part two. It’s worth it. This site has wonderful articles on all aspects of writing.
  6. – Because YA is fun! The writers on this site present insightful articles on the YA genre. Go here and check them out. Be nice – they are my friends. 😉
  7. – YA horror writer living in Australia. Great idea ref the writing campaign. Very interesting articles about writing.
  8. – Fave urban fantasy writer Kim Harrison resides at this location. Okay she doesn’t actually live on the (or in) the web, but you know what I mean.
  9. – Great place for info about urban fantasy books and authors. Open and honest reviews of current books.
  10. – Because I love random acts of randomness.




6 thoughts on “Because my mind is groggy and foggy….

  1. I see a few blogs I need to check out on there!

    Fellow campaigner from your UF group dropping in to say hello. Looking forward to getting to know you!

  2. There are some links I didn’t know of before. *waves* Hello, hello from one of the Urban Fantasy campaigners.

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