Momentary Moments of Monday

Randomly randomizing my Monday. Thoughts that jump from electric pole to pole and then rejoice in the beauty that was found by an unexpected revelation. Randomness. Gotta love it.

Monday List:

1. I believe that my muse is mad at me. Really. Not kidding. I suppose it’s my fault. I guess I need to relax and hand over control to the muse.

2. Check out (meaning read) this article at Writer Unboxed – What is your vision? – wonderful way to start your Monday.

3. How Not To Write A Story – at Joe Konrath’s blog. It’ll make you giggle. At least I did. Laughing on a Monday – love it.

4. “Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write very. Your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.” – Mark Twain

5. Feast for the eyes is happening at Stephanie Mooney’s blog – Check out the book covers that she designed for The Hunted series by Patti Larsen. Awesomeness abounds.

6. Nicole Pyles tweeted about a great character questionnaire. It’s at the Gotham Writer’s Workshop site.

7. I very much enjoyed the song Grown Ocean by the Fleet Foxes. Heard this at Folding Fields (a writer friend’s blog) and decided to list it here. Enjoy the moment.

8. Hey! Give a listen to Of Monsters and Men – Little talks. Performing this in their living room.

And that’s all I have for This Monday. Here’s hoping that your week unfurls into an adventure of mesmerizing moments.  (I raised my mug of java and saluted the sun and you.)

10 thoughts on “Momentary Moments of Monday

  1. LOVE #4, the Mark Twain quote and really damn well going to do it!!

    And, sigh for Fleet Foxes. They get me every time. 🙂 Ooooh, and “Little Talks” might just be making my playlist. We should totally DJ together. xxxx

    • Hello Sharon 🙂 Well met! You’re welcome for the link. My vision – to tell well crafted stories that give you the creeps long after you’ve closed the book. Stories that make people think a bit more and dream larger. I want to write, need to write because it gives my soul purpose or rather it allows me to embrace my soul’s purpose.

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