Friday Fun For All – Buzzed, Bamboozled, Tricked and Turbulent

I dare you to use those words in a poem. Come on you just gotta try. Well I tried and here is what happened.

Betsy Bee


by Joelle Wilson

Betsy Bee buzzed her way through her

boring morning chores,

She felt tired by the turbulent winds that made

her pollen fall twice and hit the floor.

Betsy Bee was bamboozled by how to keep

that obnoxious wind at bay,

She thought and she thought until she was all thought out

and had wasted half her day.

Betsy Bee was about to give up when

an enticing idea murmured,

She would open the door and call to the wind to sit down at

the table to talk with her.

Betsy Bee clapped her hands as she went over her plan to invite

the wind in for a chat,

She needed an empty container in order to catch the

blustery wind when it sat.

Betsy Bee found a large jar that looked just the right size

to fully capture the wind,

She flew to the door and opened it wide calling out,

“Wind, wind please do come in.”

Betsy Bee stepped aside as the Wind rushed right in and

blustered all around beside her,

She then grabbed the jar twisting off the lid and scooped

the wind in as it cried, “Not Fair!”

Betsy Bee did her best to hold onto the jar as it wiggled and

shook with its captive,

She danced and she jumped shouting with glee “Look at this.”

then she yelled even louder “I did it!”

Betsy Bee shook the jar and knocked on it twice for the times that

her pollen had dropped,

She jumped up again and landed quite wrong with the jar slipping,

falling to the floor and it popped.

Betsy Bee was thrown back away as the Wind rushed out in an

angry whirl,

She covered her ears as the Wind roared “You shouldn’t have done that

you silly girl!”

Betsy Bee tried to run, Betsy Bee tried to hide from the swirling, whirling,

great big mass of it,

She shook with the house, her jars of pollen falling down, As one last shriek was


So now it is time I ended my silly rhyme and invite you all to better than I did,

reach deep inside where those silly words hide and soon make them unhid.

It was fun!  🙂