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Sifting through some of my older poetry I found a favorite of mine from 1983, that’s probably before some of you were born. And no I don’t feel old for having said that, it was merely an observation..lol.

I remember when I wrote this, I even remember where I was and what I was supposed to be doing at the time that I wrote this one.  It was a week before school was out for the summer and my mind was already looking forward to the time when I could sleep in.

I was ninth grade, it was during my fifth period Zoology class and we were supposed to watching a movie but my mind wandered a bit and instead. And within the dim light cast by the projector, I wrote this particular poem.

(c) 2011 Clouds by Joelle Wilson

To Dream


 by Joelle Wilson

To Dream is to hope is

to love is to dream.

To dream is to see things

other people can’t or won’t see.

To dream is to reach out

to feel what surrounds you.

to dream is to need to love

and the need to be loved.

To dream is to care and

share for and with others.

To dream is to see past

illusion into reality.

To dream is work out

not escape your problems.

To dream is to be the person

that you are, not what

someone else sees you as being.

To dream is fly on

great winds to reach the stars.

To dream is see the

Earth as she is.

To dream is to know who

you really are, don’t pretend.

To dream is to work toward


To dream is to understand

your environment and yourself

better each day.

To dream is to find

Enchantment and Magic.

To dream is to be free to

be who you are, always.

To dream is simply:

to dream, to hope, to love,

to live, to care, to share,

to find, to be found,

to dream is to live

is to dream is to dream is to dream ……..

It’s a little rough but I liked it that way then and I decided not change anything about it now. Just a moment in time captured when my mind was drifting into the clouds. The picture seemed to fit.

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