The British Have Invaded My Muse

I have been inspired by these three British singer/songwriters/entertainers. I came across two of them  – Clare Maguire and Jamie Woon – by just wandering around on You Tube and Adele I happened to see a video of hers late one night while surfing through the cable channels a few years ago.

1. Clare Maguire

2. Adele

3. Jamie Woon

Their music inspires my soul to cut loose and my muse sends out waves of words and ideas.  So I thought I’d share these muse-inspiring musical influences. Maybe I should wander around You Tube more often …lol.

What music is inspiring you to let go and get creative? What brought your attention to them?

4 thoughts on “The British Have Invaded My Muse

  1. Yay for Brits! Hehe. I like Jamie Woon’s “Lady Luck” better. It was an iTunes freebie a couple weeks ago! He also has a free download, “Blue Truth,” available from his FB page.

    Never heard of Clare Maguire, but she’s lovely. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • 🙂 Yeah , I went to Jamie Woon’s FB paged and clicked like for the “Blue Truth” download. lol. Saw the ad/info for it on the ‘Night Air’ video (not live session one I posted) on You Tube. Sarah got me hooked on the sharing of great music vids via blog posts. And I may have a book giveaway sometime soon ‘cuz I like that idea too. Hmm wonder where I may have seen that recently? lol 🙂

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